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Welcome to the official Les Blank Films Website


Whatever Les Blank focused upon, he always delved deeply into the soul of it. In his films, Les gives us intimate portraits of American Bluesmen such as Lightnin’ Hopkins and Mance Lipscomb, he takes us to exuberant parties with Cajun music and food, we march along with Mardi Gras celebrations in New Orleans, we dance with polka culture the Midwest, we listen to sweet fiddle music in Appalachia, and we learn about film making itself. Les Blank has captured on film, the people, regions, foods, musical styles, dances, costumes and wonderful spirits that make America the unique cultural patchwork quilt that it is.

Read about Les Blank’s early experiences and training on the biographical page.

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If you are interested in 16mm film rental, licensing, or have other questions, please contact
Harrod Blank.

Many of Les Blank’s films are now streaming (on VIMEO and Amazon Prime)  and films are being added regularly so be sure to check back.

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