Dear Supporters & Fans,

For the past 4 months we’ve been trying to become a YouTube “Partner”
which would allow us to share Les Blank’s films with a much wider,
international audience. To do that, we need to achieve 4,000 view hours.
We need only 300 more to reach this goal. Please help us by watching any
of the following 22 films, (currently FREE), and share them with your friends
and family. Thank you so much for enabling Les Blank Films to keep our
founder’s legacy growing.

Sincerely, The Folks at Les Blank Films


Chicken Real
Chulas Fronteras (Beautiful Borders)
Del Mero Corazon
Dizzy Gillespie
Huey Lewis and the News BEFORE!
Innocents Abroad
In The Land of the Owl Turds
Lightnin’ Hopkins’ Song For Les
Marc and Ann
Mister Charlie by Lightnin’ Hopkins
OMG! It’s Harrod Blank
The Maestro Rides Again
Thailand Moment
The Pohaku Ukulele
The Softball Umpire Film 1962
Warriors of Joy
Werner Herzog Eats His Shoe
Why Can’t I Be Me? Around You
Wild Wheels (Direcctor’s Cut)
Ziveli Medicine for the Heart

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