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Organization on the site has changed a little. All the Films and Directors have been moved in their own Post Types. You have Pages, Posts, Films and Directors now rather than one long list of Pages to deal with.

Taxonomy (classification) for Films

We are using different taxonomies to Films in order to classify, sort, filter and display them on the site in various ways. For example on the Films by Les page, you can filter the films by Tag.

Right now the Taxonomies we have are Categories, Tags, Decades, and Directors. Categories are top levels so just Les Blank Films and Films by Others. Decades were previously Categories on the old site. Directors are Director’s names. Tags are anything else like subject, or type of film. We can add different taxonomies if we want to split Tags into things like Subject if needed.

Adding Taxonomies

You can add any Taxonomy in a couple different ways.

To add Taxonomy to individual films, you can use the Quick Edit function or add them to an single Film page. From the Films page in WordPress, hover over the Film name and click Quick Edit. On the individual Film pages, there is a place to add Taxonomies in the right column.

To add them to multiple Films at once, use the Bulk Editing function on the Films page. Select all the Films you want to add a Tag to, for example, and from the Bulk Actions dropdown, click Edit then hit the Apply button. In the resulting dialogue box, enter the Tag in the Film Tags field. If the Tag already exists, it will show up as you type. If it’s a new Tag, finish typing and when you’re done adding Tags, click the blue Update button.

Content Sort Order

You can drag and drop content to change the sort order shown on the site. In the WordPress admin, go to Films, Directors or Products and in the list of items, hover over one and drag and drop into the order you want. The top item will appear first.

Before you sort them, change the screen option to view all the items at once to make it easier to sort them all at once. Go to Screen Options tab at the top left and click it to slide open the tab and change the Pagination settings to something like 100 items per page.

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