The Arch (1969)

Set in 17th Century China, this film is considered the first art film in the Chinese language. The Arch (Dong fu ren) focuses on a wealthy widow (Lisa Lu) in the early Qing dynasty on the eve of her crowning achievement, the erection of a triumphal arch in honor of her many good works. Though her film career was brief, Cecile Tang, (Shu Shuen) was a trailblazer for socially critical art cinema in Hong Kong’s populist film industry, as well as its first noted female director. Shot by Indian director, Satyajit Ray’s regular cinematographer, Subtrata Mitra, and edited by Les Blank.

Directed by Tang Shu Shuen
Edited by Les Blank
Starring Lisa Lu
114 minutes
Black and white
ISBN: 0-933621-66-3

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