Tomas McCabe & Andrei Rozen

A longtime member of the San Francisco creative community, Tomas has worked as a freelance film editor and is an accomplished documentary filmmaker. His award-winning documentary Bums’ Paradise tells the stories of the extraordinary creativity of a group of homeless men and women, before and after their eviction from the community they built on the Albany Landfill in the San Francisco Bay. He also created ethnographic and environmental documentaries while providing technical environmental consulting as a Peace Corps volunteer in Guatemala.

Tomas was the Associate Director of Strategic Initiatives for Burning Man, where he leveraged his background in the visual arts and environmental sustainability to further Burning Man’s mission to support  community-based and civic-engaging art. Tomas also served as the Executive Director of the Black Rock Arts Foundation (2008-2016), which supported artists through funding, fiscal sponsorship, connecting them with patrons and donors, and producing symposiums and interactive arts happenings.  He has also facilitated the placement of public art pieces throughout the globe. Tomas joined Burning Man in 2007 as Environmental Education Coordinator for the Green Man Pavilion Expo and has attended the festival consecutively since 2005.

His passion for supporting artists and creating opportunities for creative collaboration continued through his volunteer service as a Member of the Board of Trustees for Fort Mason Center for Arts & Culture in San Francisco.

Tomas is currently an independent creative consultant living in New York City.  He is passionate about community building, the visual arts, and environmental sustainability in service to creating truly vibrant and livable cities. Tomas is a creative and strategic thinker working to be a catalyst for a more inspiring and just world. He is a trusted advocate, advisor and collaborator with experience working with government agencies, community-based nonprofits, corporations, arts institutions and donors.  Tomas in an effective public speaker and enthusiastic organizational ambassador.



Bums’ Paradise (2002)
Bums’ Paradise depicts the lives of men and women who lived in the Albany, California Landfill. It follows them through their eviction. The film emphasizes their concepts of community as well as the amazing art that they created. Instead of being a documentary about homelessness, Bums’ Paradise considers the question: What if the homeless — the indigent, the bums — told their own stories?

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