Pieter Van Deusen And Leah Miller

Since they met in 1969, PIETER VAN DEUSEN and LEAH MILLER have worked together, and largely co-produced the films they did for Churchill Films (see Filmography), which fit into an educational niche and reflected their personal interests. Initially living and working in Northern California, Leah and Pieter moved to England in 1983, where they went on to do an independent feature, entitled NETHERBY NAPS (see Filmography) and the companion book of illustrations HERE.

Read a recent review of Netherby Naps by Polish film critic Piotr Czerkawski, (coming soon.)

Pieter has had an extensive and varied background in art and music as well as having studied filmmaking at the University of Southern California. He is currently involved in finishing a many volumed novel entitled, “6 ½.” See the first book of this series HERE.

Leah has come to film through a different route.  As well as a BA in English, and a minor in Theater Arts, Leah had spent time in the field of early childhood education, and doing art projects (which she continues to this day).  Pieter also trained her to do various sound and editing jobs when they decided to make films independently.  Leah was involved with the animation and artwork on many of our films, as well as being the screenwriter. She is also an author, and has written many short stories, novels, and memoirs.  See nine of her books HERE.



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