Bruce “Pacho” Lane

Bruce “Pacho” Lane is a visual anthropologist. Pacho was a volunteer in the first Peace Corps group, Colombia One, from 1961-63. He has traveled widely in Latin America, Europe, and Asia, and is fluent in six languages. He has taught at five universities, including RIT, and is an emeritus professor at the Universidad Autónoma del Estado de Morelos in Cuernavaca. Mexico. His production company, Ethnoscope Film & Video, produces and distributes documentary films about Traditional & Popular Cultures and the Spirit that inspires them. Lane has directed 15 documentaries, and was the only Westerner to film in Afghanistan during the Soviet intervention. He has focused primarily on Mexican indigenous culture, and 8 of his films are about Mexican Indians. His most recent film. “Warriors of the Sun”, is about the revival of the 2500-year-old ritual of Los Voladores (the Flyers).

Link to full biography on Pacho’s website.

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