Sworn To the Drum: A Tribute to Francisco Aguabella (1995) 2017-03-17T00:31:58+00:00

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Sworn To the Drum: A Tribute to Francisco Aguabella (1995)

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Aguabella, a master of both the bata tradition of drumming, (in the sacred celebrations of the African-derived syncratic sects of Santeria, Abaqua and Yeza), and of the secular conguero tradition. Agubella was born and reared in Cuba, lived in New York and California. He was a figure of great historical influence in Latin jazz, pop and fusion in the U.S. Over his long career, Aguabella recorded with many jazz and Latin music masters, including Frank Sinatra, Peggy Lee, Cal Tjader, Hugh Masekela, Dizzy Gillespie, Tito Puente, and Weather Report — as well as both Carlos and Jorge Santana.

Produced by Les Blank and Tom Luddy
Edited by Marianne Yusavage
Sound by Chris Simon  and Maureen Gosling
35 minutes
ISBN: 0-933621-4-69