Project Description

Les Blank’s Student Films – 1960/1962

Les Blank attended USC School of Cinematic Arts and pursued a Ph.D. in Communications. These student films, made in the years 1960-1962, represent his initial interest in making narrative films. Three of the films feature his wife at the time, Gail Blank, and he appears in two of the films himself, a clean shaven young actor. Extras included: Student film exercises featuring Les Blank and Gail Blank, as well as production stills.

DVD includes the following student films:

  • Here Comes Everybody
    10 minutes, black and white, 1960.
    A film by David Lawrence, featuring Les Blank and Getachew Abbai.
  • Strike!
    5 minutes, black and white, 1961.
    A bizarre horror film featuring Gail Blank, Bul Bul Bedi, and Harry Sauberli.
  • And Freedom Came?!
    10 minutes, in black and white, (with sync sound) 1962.
    A story of frustrated early married life, featuring Gail Blank and David Lawrence. Cinematography by Getachew Abbai.

A compilation of films by Les Blank
Total running time 29 minutes