Chulas Fronteras (1976)


Chulas Fronteras (1976) Buy DVD For Home or Educational Kanopy Educational Streaming A complex, insightful look at the Chicano experience as mirrored in the lives and music of the most acclaimed Norteño musicians of the Texas-Mexican border, including Flaco Jimenez and Lydia Mendoza. Video includes bonus feature, Del Mero Corazon. This film was [...]

Six Short Films of Les Blank (1960-1985)

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Six Short Films of Les Blank (1960-1985) Buy DVD Kanopy Educational Streaming Anthology of six short films, including: Dizzy Gillespie Chicken Real Cigarette Blues God Respects Us When We Work, But Loves Us When We Dance Running Around Like A Chicken With Its Head Cut Off The Sun’s Gonna Shine For individual descriptions, [...]

Del Mero Corazon (1979)


Del Mero Corazon (1979) Buy on Chulas Fronteras DVD Kanopy Educational Streaming A lyrical journey through the heart of Chicano culture as reflected in the love songs of the Tex-Mex Norteña music tradition. Performers include, Little Joe & La Familia, Leo Garza, Chavela Ortiz, Andres Berlanga, Ricardo Mejia, Conjunto Tamaulipas, Chavela y Brown [...]

Chicken Real (1970)


Chicken Real (1970) Buy on Six Short Films DVD Educational Streaming   One of Blank’s industrial films, which follows a Holly Farms "broiler" chicken from factory incubation to the barbecue pit at a county fair. A hilarious, disturbing but, ultimately simply surreal look at a large-scale chicken farm that produces 156 million chickens [...]

Delusion Of The Fury: A Ritual Of Dream And Delusion (1971)


Delusion Of The Fury: A Ritual Of Dream And Delusion (1971) Buy DVD   Directed by Madeline Tourtelot. Edited by Les Blank Harry Partch’s major theater work in two acts, based on the UCLA production of 1969 with Choreographer: Storie Crawford. Set designer: John Crawford, Musical Director: Danlee Mitchell. Act I is [...]

Perfumed Nightmare (1978)


Perfumed Nightmare (1978) Buy DVD Educational Streaming   Produced and directed by Kidlat Tahimik, this brilliant semi-autobiographical fable tells the story of a young Filipino born in 1942 (during the Occupation), his awakening to, and reaction against, American cultural colonialism. In his small village, Kidlat dreams of Cape Canaveral and listens to the [...]

The Story of Anna O: A Study on Hysteria (1979)


The Story of Anna O: A Study on Hysteria (1979) Buy DVD Dramatizes the psychological history of Anna O., whose case catalyzed Sigmund Freud’s development of his theory on the origins of hysteria and ultimately laid the groundwork for his psychological practice. 19 minutes. by Terrell Seltzer Home DVD: $29.95 Universities and [...]

Tree of Life (1973)


Tree of Life (1973) Buy DVD More than an anthropological documentary, this rare, beautifully made record of the Volador ritual as performed by the Totonac Indians of Huehuetla, Puebla, Mexico, brings alive the mythic dimensions of ritual communal celebration. The Voladores (Flyers) ritual dates back to 500 A.D. The soundtrack consists of [...]

Always For Pleasure (1978)


Always For Pleasure (1978) Buy DVD For Home Use Buy Box Set For Home Use* * Box Set contains 14 Les Blank films remastered by Criterion (average price $6.25 per film!) Kanopy Educational Streaming Alexander Street Educational Streaming Note: For U.S. educational sales and theatrical, please contact Brian Belovarac [...]

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